Welcome, authors!

Here at Enhanced Edits, it is my goal to provide only the best for each of my clients. As an author myself, I understand the feeling of pouring your heart and soul into a manuscript, feeling that sense of pride and accomplishment, then stepping back to realize that you now face the unknown journey of the editing process.

​Preparing yourself to hand over this work that very few (or possibly no other) eyes have seen yet can be quite daunting. I’ve been in your shoes, so the fear of handing over a manuscript is something that I understand well. I want to make this process as easy as possible for you in order to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in the fact that your work is in good hands.

I want you and your book to succeed, so I’ll do whatever it takes to help you realize your dream!

I understand that editing a manuscript is about more than finding spelling errors or verifying that the same tense is used throughout a paragraph. From copy editing to proofreading, authors can rely on me for detail-oriented, quality work. Your manuscript is your baby; you should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished so far! I promise that the editing process here at Enhanced Edits focuses on boosting you up, not tearing you down. That’s why each manuscript is returned to its author with flagged changes that I suggest after thoroughly editing the writing, in addition to positive feedback and my thoughts on the story overall.

I know that this work means a lot to you, so I want you to know that this is more than just a job to me. I’m passionate about helping authors! I want to help you achieve your goals, so it’s my own goal to take your manuscript from incredible idea to flawless final copy. I keep my prices low because I believe that all authors should have access to an editor who has faith in their work, so contact me for an estimate on your project today! I aim to ensure that you receive quality editing and leave Enhanced Edits satisfied with your results.

Your success is my success!

– Taylor Faith Krigsman

Prices (in USD) are subject to change. Please inquire about the cost of editing your specific project. Once provided to you, quotes will be locked for seven days. If your deposit is not paid by 11:59pm EST on the seventh day, Enhanced Edits reserves the right to make modifications and provide you with a new quote.
Estimated completion dates are subject to change.  Dates quoted are considered accurate for seven days. If your deposit is not paid by 11:59pm EST on the seventh day, these timeframes may be modified. Should you require faster turnaround for your editing, additional fees may apply to ensure immediate service.